Lebanese Centre for Special Education – CLES

Funds Raised: $ 400,00

Provides Free Individualized Assistance To Children Facing Specific Learning Difficulties At School. CLES mission focuses on launching and implementing diverse projects that provide all children with equal opportunities and promote inclusion among them, regardless of their differences and learning capacities. As part of its mission, CLES also:

  • Hosts regular campaigns to raise awareness amongst Lebanese and Arab communities about these specific learning difficulties.
  • Provides regular training sessions to allow teachers and professionals to respond and deal with the needs of children with specific learning difficulties.
  • Organizes learning support classes across public schools dedicated to children at risk of developing SLD.
  • Implements ‘Care by CLES’ initiative, with a mission to help Lebanese families in need during the current economic crisis.
  • Implements ‘Art by CLES’ initiative, to facilitate, support, and promote the talents of young Lebanese.

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MAAK association

Aims to reintegrate marginalized families and individuals

The Maak association assists and help families with low income to join and integrate with social and economical life. Their center gathers skilled persons and puts all potentialities at their disposal in order to achieve social and development projects in areas suffering from social and development deprivation. They also help students to achieve their school and university studies and offer medical help to families.

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CTI (Christian Teaching Institute)

Funds raised: $4,645

Aims to produce men and women with high goals, and a sense of civic and moral responsibility.

CTI is dedicated to the service of the education of youth in Lebanon, through the academic, spiritual and cultural wellbeing of its students. CTI offers students a challenging curriculum to meet the needs of a changing world. CTI students are prepared to excel, develop leadership skills, become eager learners, and eventually cultivate active, responsible citizenship. CTI emphasizes excellence, character building, cultural awareness and compassion towards others and the environment.

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“TABLIER” – Collège Louise Wegmann

This call for action is not only to save a school but to help preserve quality education in Lebanon.

The current crisis has imposed an unavoidable decision by the Board of Directors to relocate the Bchémoun campus to its two other campuses in Badaro and Jouret el Ballout, effective the academic year 2022-2023. The closing of the CLW Bchémoun site has left the community devastated and has resulted with the formation of an emergency fundraising committee with an immediate call for action.

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St. Joseph University

Funds Raised: $27,639.17

Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) is a private Lebanese university, founded in 1875 by the Society of Jesus. USJ’s mission encompasses three main dimensions: research through new knowledge creation, teaching through knowledge transfer, and service through using knowledge in the service of society. USJ also manages a university hospital center called Hôtel-Dieu de France (HDF).

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Make a difference

Codi’s mission is to use coding and digital skills to enable inclusion and employment, and as a catalyst for social innovation and diversity. They are a combination between a coding bootcamp and a leadership course, based in Beirut and now Tripoli. Their aim is to get marginalised youth to participate in the growing needs of the local ICT and software sector.

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Classes Orange

Funds Raised: $5,000.00

Classe Orange is a specialized school aiming at promoting the personal development and education of students who have severe learning or behavioral disabilities and whose needs exceed the services available in regular schools.

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American University of Beirut (AUB) and AUB Medical Center (AUBMC)

Funds Raised: $57,500.00

The American University of Beirut (AUB) is an institution of higher learning founded to provide excellence in education, to participate in the advancement of knowledge through research, and to serve the peoples of the Middle East and beyond. Chartered in New York State in 1863, the university bases its educational philosophy, standards, and practices on the American liberal arts model of higher education. AUB also manages a medical center (AUBMC), the first medical institution in the Middle East to have earned five international accreditations attesting to its superior standards in patient-centered care, nursing, pathology/laboratory services, and graduate medical education.

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Ahliah School

Funds Raised: $1,150

Ahliah School develops young minds to their best abilities, while nurturing self-confidence, respect, compassion, creativity, a joy for learning and working collaboratively within a diverse environment. Ahliah graduates are primed to take responsibility for their future and to be active citizens engaged in local, regional, and global issues. Our vision is to achieve higher standards of quality education and transform the learning experience to offer our students a distinctive education, and also to exchange best practices with global peer institutions to serve, by example, other institutions of education in Lebanon.

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ACT Forward

Make a difference

The ACT Forward scholarship program is designed to assist students who are completing a professional degree in the United States. College fees and costs can be overwhelming and often include unexpected expenses. The scholarship program targets scholars in their final year prior to graduating and provides them with a limited financial bridge up to their graduation. The program also offers mentorship if needed.

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