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The New York Arabic Orchestra is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and New York City’s leading institute in classical and contemporary Arabic music, directed by world-renowned virtuoso and educator, Bassam Saba. Their mission is the preservation and promotion of classical and traditional Arabic music through concerts, new compositions and education, and stand for Arabic music as a gateway to understanding and embracing Arab culture. The NYAO annual programming vision includes a concert series throughout the NY Metropolitan area and Northeast, workshops throughout the Northeast, and semester-long music classes in New York City.

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LVAA for the Lebanese Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia

Funds Raised: $75,520.25

The Lebanese Visual Art Association (LVAA), organizer of the Lebanese Pavilion at the International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, aims to promote Lebanon’s vibrant artistic scene on the international arena.

LVAA does not receive state funding and relies solely on the generosity of Lebanese donors and the friends of Lebanon, to fulfill its mission of supporting and encouraging Lebanese artists.

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Fondation Liban Cinema(FLC)

Funds Raised: $50,000.00

Fondation Liban Cinema (FLC) plays a powerful and effective federating role in the Lebanese audiovisual industry, by supporting the development of a competitive Lebanese film industry and establishing Lebanon as a prominent international production location.

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Funds Raised: $22,933.00

Embrace is a non-profit organization (NGO) focused at raising awareness around mental health in Lebanon and the Middle East. In 2017, Embrace launched the first national suicide prevention helpline in Lebanon. In response to Lebanon’s disaster Embrace is launching a free mental health clinic to treat the trauma and grief and expanding the Embrace Lifeline operations for emotional support and suicide prevention helpline.

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Boukra (“Tomorrow”)

Funds Raised: $3,130

Since 2015, the environment in Lebanon has been paying the price with one of the most severe sanitary crises that the country has ever known. We are far from hopeful. However, some still believe in a better tomorrow. They’ve already taken action. They plant trees, turn trash into gold, deal with the waste crisis or convert the sun into energy. Their Lebanon, tomorrow’s Lebanon, is the one we all dream of.

Boukra (“Tomorrow”) is a feature-length documentary that seeks to address Lebanon’s severe sanitary crisis by raising awareness about the environment. It will be produced by Philippe Aractingi and filmed by award-winning Lebanese documentary filmmaker, Carmen Labaki, with the participation of famous Lebanese actors and actresses, including George Khabbaz and Nada Abou Farhat.

Inspired by the French movie “Demain” by Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurent, Boukra wants to stir feelings of belonging and hope and urge Lebanese citizens to act and mobilize. The film will give a voice to the many Lebanese citizens who believe in tomorrow and who have already taken action at the grassroots level in favor of the environment.

Boukra is a not-for-profit documentary. It will be distributed free of charge in Lebanon to cinemas, TV stations, on the web and in schools and universities. Boukra is a movie that speaks to our children and to those who still believe in a better tomorrow for Lebanon.

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Beirut DC

Funds Raised: $16,500.00

Beirut DC is a cultural association for the development of independent Arab cinema. Founded in 1999, Beirut DC aims at promoting and enhancing a creative cinematic movement in the Arab World through production, promotion and training.

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Baalbeck lnternational Festival

Funds Raised: $407,000.00

Baalbeck lnternational Festival aims at promoting Lebanese and global culture through performance art (music, dance, theatre). lt takes place every summer in the Roman temples of Baalbeck, with few additional cultural events in Beirut during the rest of the year. The Festival was founded in 1956 as no-profit organization and has since introduced Lebanese, Middle Easterners and tourists from all over the world to the best art performances.

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