Lebanese Centre for Special Education – CLES

Funds Raised: $ 400,00

Provides Free Individualized Assistance To Children Facing Specific Learning Difficulties At School. CLES mission focuses on launching and implementing diverse projects that provide all children with equal opportunities and promote inclusion among them, regardless of their differences and learning capacities. As part of its mission, CLES also:

  • Hosts regular campaigns to raise awareness amongst Lebanese and Arab communities about these specific learning difficulties.
  • Provides regular training sessions to allow teachers and professionals to respond and deal with the needs of children with specific learning difficulties.
  • Organizes learning support classes across public schools dedicated to children at risk of developing SLD.
  • Implements ‘Care by CLES’ initiative, with a mission to help Lebanese families in need during the current economic crisis.
  • Implements ‘Art by CLES’ initiative, to facilitate, support, and promote the talents of young Lebanese.

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Funds Raised: $4,750

Founded in 2005, Tamanna is a non-profit organization that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses. Turning a wish into reality empowers children to combat their illness, giving them hope and happiness in times of great stress and hardship.

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GHALLETNA (Lebanon Food Bank)

Fighting hunger and food poverty

The foundation works by collecting food and redistributing it to needy people directly or indirectly via other active non-profit organizations in Lebanon. Their first-year objective was to cover steadily on a monthly basis the needs of 15 families in extreme poverty; those 15 families taken on our charge have exceeded today 50+ families. Their mission is to alleviate the direct effects of hunger and poverty with the long-term goal of decreasing the prevalence of food insecurity in Lebanon. They engage, educate and empower the community to be part of our ongoing efforts.

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MAAK association

Aims to reintegrate marginalized families and individuals

The Maak association assists and help families with low income to join and integrate with social and economical life. Their center gathers skilled persons and puts all potentialities at their disposal in order to achieve social and development projects in areas suffering from social and development deprivation. They also help students to achieve their school and university studies and offer medical help to families.

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CTI (Christian Teaching Institute)

Funds raised: $4,645

Aims to produce men and women with high goals, and a sense of civic and moral responsibility.

CTI is dedicated to the service of the education of youth in Lebanon, through the academic, spiritual and cultural wellbeing of its students. CTI offers students a challenging curriculum to meet the needs of a changing world. CTI students are prepared to excel, develop leadership skills, become eager learners, and eventually cultivate active, responsible citizenship. CTI emphasizes excellence, character building, cultural awareness and compassion towards others and the environment.

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Mountada Al Moukaadin

Funds Raised: $151,000.00

Founded in 1993, Mountada Al Moukaadin is dedicated to assisting handicapped people by providing free of charge assistance.

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Lebanese Red Cross

Funds Raised: $ 8,129

The Lebanese Red Cross Society is led by volunteers, whose mission is to provide relief to victims of natural and human disasters, and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies, and to mitigate the suffering of the most vulnerable. The goal of the Lebanese Red Cross is to promote peace, serve the society, and alleviate human suffering with neutrality and without any racial, sexual, social, religious or political discrimination. The Lebanese Red Cross provides its services through: Emergency Medical Services – Medical and Social Services – Blood Transfusion Services, Disaster Management – School health – Disabled programs – Community based Health and First aid – Health Education and Preventive programs – First aid training – Nursing.

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Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training – LOST

Funds Raised: $50,000

The Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training known as LOST works to Empower and engage people in Lebanon to live in dignity and peace based on the respect, protection, and fulfilment of Human Rights. Works particularly with women and youth to create a more developed and equitable society by reducing poverty, eliminating exclusion, and fostering a culture of peace.

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Hand & Heart Lebanon

Make a difference

Hand & Heart is an organization that helps families, orphanages as well as the disabled by offering services such as medicine, food, wheelchairs, beds and most importantly helping them to reintegrate back into society by accompanying them to churches, malls, and any other places they may require.

Their aim is to contribute and inform the society about particular needs of handicapped, old people, and orphans by offering them financial and moral help regardless of their religion and wherever they are in Lebanon.

After the devastating blast on August 4th, Hand & Heart Lebanon’s current initiative is to support people who were affected by the explosion and have lost everything in their homes by providing them with mattresses, pillows, bed covers, blankets, towels, kitchen appliances and wares in addition to the other services they usually provide.

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Beit El Baraka

Funds Raised: $3,280.00

Our Mission is to ensure a sense of dignity to hard-working citizens once they retire, by assisting them in their struggle with the increasing cost of living. In a spirit of respect and support, we aim to provide a tailor-made accurate and beneficial response to Lebanon’s economic and multi-dimensional challenges that are depriving many retired citizens of their most basic needs and rights.

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