Women Empowerment

GHALLETNA (Lebanon Food Bank)

Fighting hunger and food poverty

The foundation works by collecting food and redistributing it to needy people directly or indirectly via other active non-profit organizations in Lebanon. Their first-year objective was to cover steadily on a monthly basis the needs of 15 families in extreme poverty; those 15 families taken on our charge have exceeded today 50+ families. Their mission is to alleviate the direct effects of hunger and poverty with the long-term goal of decreasing the prevalence of food insecurity in Lebanon. They engage, educate and empower the community to be part of our ongoing efforts.

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MAAK association

Aims to reintegrate marginalized families and individuals

The Maak association assists and help families with low income to join and integrate with social and economical life. Their center gathers skilled persons and puts all potentialities at their disposal in order to achieve social and development projects in areas suffering from social and development deprivation. They also help students to achieve their school and university studies and offer medical help to families.

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Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training – LOST

Funds Raised: $50,000

The Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training known as LOST works to Empower and engage people in Lebanon to live in dignity and peace based on the respect, protection, and fulfilment of Human Rights. Works particularly with women and youth to create a more developed and equitable society by reducing poverty, eliminating exclusion, and fostering a culture of peace.

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Funds Raised: $20,000.00

Amidst the most daunting refugee crisis seen so far in the 21st century, Intaliqi was founded in 2013 to support displaced Syrian women in Lebanon. In community, the women of Intaliqi have been provided with resources and skills enabling them to achieve self-reliance and create a ripple effect of change within their families and wider communities.

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Funds Raised: $72,500.00

Nusaned began by reaching out to local stakeholders in North Lebanon, seeking to address the agricultural deficiencies of marginalized rural communities. The poverty, deprivation, and substandard living conditions of local residents prompted our team to respond quickly by providing much-needed food parcels, hygiene kits and clothing, while also initiating the rehabilitation of homes. Through those spontaneous actions came the building blocks of Nusaned’s agriculture and housing projects, which gradually evolved from an aid model into a platform to foster self-sufficiency and economic sustainability for these communities.

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