Funds Raised: $4,750

Founded in 2005, Tamanna is a non-profit organization that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses. Turning a wish into reality empowers children to combat their illness, giving them hope and happiness in times of great stress and hardship.

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CTI (Christian Teaching Institute)

Aims to produce men and women with high goals, and a sense of civic and moral responsibility.

CTI is dedicated to the service of the education of youth in Lebanon, through the academic, spiritual and cultural wellbeing of its students. CTI offers students a challenging curriculum to meet the needs of a changing world. CTI students are prepared to excel, develop leadership skills, become eager learners, and eventually cultivate active, responsible citizenship. CTI emphasizes excellence, character building, cultural awareness and compassion towards others and the environment.

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Hand & Heart Lebanon

Make a difference

Hand & Heart is an organization that helps families, orphanages as well as the disabled by offering services such as medicine, food, wheelchairs, beds and most importantly helping them to reintegrate back into society by accompanying them to churches, malls, and any other places they may require.

Their aim is to contribute and inform the society about particular needs of handicapped, old people, and orphans by offering them financial and moral help regardless of their religion and wherever they are in Lebanon.

After the devastating blast on August 4th, Hand & Heart Lebanon’s current initiative is to support people who were affected by the explosion and have lost everything in their homes by providing them with mattresses, pillows, bed covers, blankets, towels, kitchen appliances and wares in addition to the other services they usually provide.

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Skoun – Lebanese Addiction Center

Funds Raised: $1,220

Skoun aims to help people with addiction problems claim their lives by providing a nonjudgmental and caring environment of client-centered treatment and counseling. We deliver the tools and information necessary to reduce the harm caused by drug use and we advocate for drug policy change, increased public awareness and education regarding addiction.

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My School Pulse – MSP

Funds Raised: $1,900

Every sick child has the right to dream, learn, and hope, and pursue his/her education for a better future. Myschoolpulse is a Lebanese non-profit organization whose mission is to provide critically ill children with the opportunity to continue their education as well as to provide them with the necessary support for their wellbeing.

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Funds Raised: $42,156.50

Child abuse is a pressing issue that has long been neglected, especially in Lebanese society where child labor, child prostitution and child marriage continue to exist. Himaya is a Lebanese non-governmental organization dedicated to making child protection a right across the country. It offers children the life skills they need to defend themselves against physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. Himaya also supports survivors of abuse and gives them the psychosocial support they need to overcome their experiences.

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Gift of Life Lebanon

Funds Raised: $1,425.00

Gift of Life Lebanon, a chapter of Gift of Life International (GOLI) is a non-political, non-religious, non-sectarian, non-profit program that partners with rotary clubs, organizations, and individuals worldwide to provide help for children with heart disease through pediatric cardiac surgeries, pre and post care, and awareness campaigns in remote villages in Lebanon.

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Collège Louise Wegmann

Funds Raised: $10,457

Collège Louise Wegmann is a financially independent entity, classified as a Lebanese non-profit association.

Your action today will help ensure the continuity of the school and help save its excellence in education. This call for action is not only to save a school but to help preserve quality education in Lebanon.

The current crisis has imposed an unavoidable decision by the Board of Directors to relocate the Bchémoun campus to its two other campuses in Badaro and Jouret el Ballout, effective the academic year 2022-2023. The closing of the CLW Bchémoun site has left the community devastated and has resulted with the formation of an emergency fundraising committee with an immediate call for action.

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Chronic Care Center

Funds Raised: $150,000.00

The Chronic Care Center is the first philanthropic medical institution of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East. Founded in 1992 and officially inaugurated in June 1994, the Center is a medico-social institution aiming at maximizing quality of health care and social support to children affected by Thalassemia and Insulin-Dependent Diabetes.

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Children Care Association

Funds Raised: $600

The Children Care Association (CCA) is a feminist, nongovernmental and nonprofit association that established in Tripoli in 1937. The association’s primary mission is to empower women and children, support them and create a sustainable difference in their lives. CCA also serves deprived families through providing food and clothing, paying house rent, enrolling children in need in schools and paying their tuition fees, and refurbishing the homes of families living in impoverished conditions.

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