Our Mission

Acting for a better Lebanon

Our mission is to act for Lebanon by mitigating the suffering of the most vulnerable and helping the community while being impartial and free from racial, sexual, social, religious, or political prejudice.

Act for Lebanon-USA (ACT) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established in the US with a mission to support various causes in Lebanon including:

  • child protection: protect children from prostitution, psychological and physical abuse, and child marriage. 
  • education: support personal development and education, contribute to the progress of knowledge and research
  • health: alleviate patient suffering, provide access to healthcare
  • mental health: access to therapy services, particularly for the marginalized and disadvantaged communities in crisis, such as trauma survivors, drug addicts, prisoners, people with mental illnesses, refugees, abuse survivors, older adults, and at-risk youth
  • community and human rights: support the rights of marginalized populations in Lebanon. Providing much-needed food packs, clothes, and hygiene supplies or house renovation.
  • palliative care: maintain the patient’s dignity and improve the quality of their remaining life, provide assistance on a psychological, social, practical, and spiritual level, within the family and home environment.
  • women empowerment: give women the tools and resources they need to become self-sufficient and inspire change among their families and larger communities.
  • environment: promote environment protection
  • cultural and athletic programs: promoting the skills and creativity, and sharing them with the public and academic community.

Act For Lebanon also provides emergency disaster assistance in support of humanitarian needs in Lebanon, partnering with non-profit organizations on the ground.

To achieve our mission, we connect donors in the United States to non-profit charitable organizations in Lebanon.