Chronic Care Center

Funds Raised: $150,000.00

The Chronic Care Center is the first philanthropic medical institution of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East. Founded in 1992 and officially inaugurated in June 1994, the Center is a medico-social institution aiming at maximizing quality of health care and social support to children affected by Thalassemia and Insulin-Dependent Diabetes.

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Children Care Association

Funds Raised: $600

The Children Care Association (CCA) is a feminist, nongovernmental and nonprofit association that established in Tripoli in 1937. The association’s primary mission is to empower women and children, support them and create a sustainable difference in their lives. CCA also serves deprived families through providing food and clothing, paying house rent, enrolling children in need in schools and paying their tuition fees, and refurbishing the homes of families living in impoverished conditions.

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Centre de Diagnostic et de Développement de la Personne

Funds Raised: $100,000

CDDP was founded in 1981 by Dr. Danielle Pichon to offer educational psychology services in Lebanon and the Middle East, and to assist children, teachers and parents by providing psychological assessment, advice, education, training and therapy for children with mild to severe learning disabilities.

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