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“TABLIER” – Collège Louise Wegmann

This call for action is not only to save a school but to help preserve quality education in Lebanon.

The current crisis has imposed an unavoidable decision by the Board of Directors to relocate the Bchémoun campus to its two other campuses in Badaro and Jouret el Ballout, effective the academic year 2022-2023. The closing of the CLW Bchémoun site has left the community devastated and has resulted with the formation of an emergency fundraising committee with an immediate call for action.

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Mountada Al Moukaadin

Funds Raised: $151,000

Founded in 1993, Mountada Al Moukaadin is dedicated to assisting handicapped people by providing free of charge assistance.

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Lebanese Red Cross

Funds Raised: $400

The Lebanese Red Cross Society is led by volunteers, whose mission is to provide relief to victims of natural and human disasters, and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies, and to mitigate the suffering of the most vulnerable. The goal of the Lebanese Red Cross is to promote peace, serve the society, and alleviate human suffering with neutrality and without any racial, sexual, social, religious or political discrimination. The Lebanese Red Cross provides its services through: Emergency Medical Services – Medical and Social Services – Blood Transfusion Services, Disaster Management – School health – Disabled programs – Community based Health and First aid – Health Education and Preventive programs – First aid training – Nursing.

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Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training

Funds Raised: $50,000

The Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training known as LOST works to Empower and engage people in Lebanon to live in dignity and peace based on the respect, protection, and fulfillment of Human Rights. Works particularly with women and youth to create a more developed and equitable society through reducing poverty, eliminating exclusion, and fostering a culture of peace.

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Hand & Heart Lebanon

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Hand & Heart is an organization that helps families, orphanages as well as the disabled by offering services such as medicine, food, wheelchairs, beds and most importantly helping them to reintegrate back into society by accompanying them to churches, malls, and any other places they may require.

Their aim is to contribute and inform the society about particular needs of handicapped, old people, and orphans by offering them financial and moral help regardless of their religion and wherever they are in Lebanon.

After the devastating blast on August 4th, Hand & Heart Lebanon’s current initiative is to support people who were affected by the explosion and have lost everything in their homes by providing them with mattresses, pillows, bed covers, blankets, towels, kitchen appliances and wares in addition to the other services they usually provide.

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Beit El Baraka

Funds Raised: $3,280

Our Mission is to ensure a sense of dignity to hard-working citizens once they retire, by assisting them in their struggle with the increasing cost of living. In a spirit of respect and support, we aim to provide a tailor-made accurate and beneficial response to Lebanon’s economic and multi-dimensional challenges that are depriving many retired citizens of their most basic needs and rights.

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Azahir (Levant Local)

Funds Raised: $67,182

Azahir is a new community-based Lebanese NGO working in the marginalized areas of northern Lebanon to empower vulnerable youth, provide education & psycho-social support to children in need, and create safe spaces and social cohesion inclusive of Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian populations. The mission is to enhance community resilience and self-productivity of deprived communities in Akkar and North Lebanon and thereby promote stability in a high-risk area. Azahir runs regular programs at its two community centers including youth trainings, psycho-social support workshops for children, remedial education, and social cohesion and life-skills building through sports and cultural activities.

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Funds Raised: $1,790,790

Arcenciel is a Lebanese based non-profit NGO, which supports Lebanon’s most underprivileged and marginalized communities, regardless of religion, political affiliation or nationality. Since its inception in 1985, Arcenciel’s mission in Lebanon has been to promote diversity, integration and development through 5 core programs: Agriculture & Environment, Mobility & Health, Responsible Tourism, Youth Empowerment, and Social Support.

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Funds Raised: $20,000

Amidst the most daunting refugee crisis seen so far in the 21st century, Intaliqi was founded in 2013 to support displaced Syrian women in Lebanon. In community, the women of Intaliqi have been provided with resources and skills enabling them to achieve self-reliance and create a ripple effect of change within their families and wider communities.

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Funds Raised: $205,307

LebMASH, founded on Sept. 4th 2012, is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, registered in Lebanon, and governed by a board of directors that includes Lebanese health professionals based in Lebanon, the United States and Canada. LebMASH aims at advancing sexual and reproductive health for all individuals in Lebanon, with particular focus on LGBT and other marginalized populations in Lebanon.

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